My name is Debbie Simms-Walker, we live at Warsash on the South
Coast in Hampshire UK.
As a child I grew up with a Labrador Retriever called Bruce and a
Flatcoat Retriever called Jasper.
It was inevitable that they would take over my adult life. To this day I do
not know what the pedigrees of these two dogs were but even as a
child I had heard of Sandylands and I am very proud to say that today,
many years later I now share my life with these fabulous Labradors.

The picture here was taken at Sandyballs in The New Forest in 1972.

I entered the world of breeding and showing Labradors quite late really
as I originally bred White Long Coat German Shepherds and they have
carried the affix Debylyn as far afield as Australia, New Zealand,
The Netherlands and Finland with a dog that I bred called 'Debylyn White Buffalo', owned by Sharon
& Mick Langford. I am still very passionate about Longcoat German Shepherds but for now I choose to concentrate on my Labradors. I have a White Long Coat stud dog called 'Bricketwood Spirit Of Rajah At Debylyn' Spirit was bred by Barbara Greenwood (Bricketwood)

I have added extracts from my 'Puppy Pack' to the website in the hope that it may help some people who have new puppies. I also welcome other breeders to copy the 'Puppy Development' to give to puppy purchasers, as the more people aware of ' The Five Crytical Stages Of Development' the more our canine friends will benefit.
I would also recommend that new owners obtain a copy of the book 'The Perfect Puppy' or 'Puppy School' by Gwen Bailey, I endorse all that she writes and can highly recommend her 'Puppy Schools' run by fully qualified trainers.

I hope you enjoy my website, please sign my guest book :-)
my regards

  Jasper my Flatcoat Retriever

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